Men Outdoor Sport Crossbody Sling Shoulder Chest Bag

Men Outdoor Sport Crossbody Sling Shoulder Chest Bag

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Width : 7.5cm(2.95in)
Height : 28cm(11.02in)
Baldric Length: Adjustable 

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 In the interest of full disclosure I wish to say that I won my bag in one of BG’s Forum activities. Nonetheless I believe that I can provide an unbiased review. I have had my bag for more than a month now, and have been using it almost daily. Here is my assessment:


  • The size of the bag (somewhere between a full backpack and a wrist pouch) is suitable for everyday use. The bag has several zipable compartments and inner pockets which a wallet, mobile phone, charger, small tablet, notepad, and even a folded t-shirt.
  • The bag’s unique design makes it extremely versatile – it can be worn as cross body sling bag, over-the-shoulder sling bag or hip bag attached to a belt.
  • The bag comes in a variety of different colors to choose from (I selected mud color because it is rather neutral).
  • The bag is generally of good quality and workmanship. It is made from rugged nylon material which is well sewed and finished.
  • The bag features inside a PVC type lining (which is in fact the reverse side of the nylon material used) that can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and offers some degree of protection against moisture and rain.


  • The bag is overall a bit stiff – partly due to its size, and partly due to the choice of material.
  • The bag’s main zip goes around fairly sharp bends which, further exacerbated by the stiffness of the material, can leads to the zip getting stuck. Again, this has also something to do with the size of the bag.
  • The length of the shoulder belt, even though adjustable, cannot be reduced as much as may be desirable (I prefer to use the bag as a mini backpack which I just sling over my right shoulder).
  • At its regular price the bag may or may not be a compelling bargain.


  • As the bag arrives flat in a plastic bag (in which it might have been squeezed for quite some time), make sure that you first put it back into its proper shape (e.g. by filling it up with old newspaper and leaving it for a while).
  • Properly tighten the knots in the pulling strings for the zips as they easily open up, and use a lighter to melt the ends of the pulling strings, so that they can no longer unpick.
  • Trim any excess material (sewing yarn etc.) that is hanging around loosely, in particular in areas where it can be caught by the zips.
  • Manually straighten out the fringes of the inner PVC lining in the zip areas to avoid that they get caught by the zips.
  • When any of the zips gets stuck, avoid pulling with force – otherwise the zip may just give way (note that several other reviewers have mentioned zip problems in their reviews).
  • When the bag gets dirty, just wash it inside a net with mild detergent at low temperature and spin in your washing machine – it will come out like new.

I hope you will find the review and tips useful and enjoy the bag as much as I do.

Thanks for your time!

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